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Director or Producer Trailer

A unique multi-function trailer that was designed to accommodate your needs for additional office space as well as room for additional cast, Director, AD’s and/or Producer. The front room is separate from the back room and each room is equipped with a two piece bathroom. The front room can be utilized as office space. It is equipped with three work stations with high quality leather chairs, whiteboard and cabinets. The back room provides luxury and comfort with a stone accented electric fireplace and automatic reclining couch. Both rooms are equipped with an entertainment unit: LCD TV, DVD and iPod player, microwave and fridge.

  • Can be outfitted with a reception style couch and/or recliner or alternatively it can be used as open concept space
  • Entertainment unit: LCD TV, DVD, and iPod player
  • 3 work stations equipped with high quality leather chairs
  • Cork and white board with 3 tier cabinets
  • Fridge and microwave
  • 2 piece bathroom: toilet and sink
  • Stone accented electric fireplace
  • Entertainment unit: LCD TV, DVD, and iPod player
  • Automatic reclining couch
  • Large open work station or well-lit make-up station
  • 2 x 3 tier cabinets for storage
  • Microwave and fridge
  • 2 piece bathroom: toilet and sink
  • Length: 40’
  • Width: 8’
  • Ceiling Height: 7’
  • Electric Requirements: 2x 30Amp RV Style Service

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